Apartment Renters 


Your greatest power and commitment for your children is homeownership. If you make $13.00 per hour and are willing to live in a smaller city or town you could own a new home. If one ingredient of the American Dream is homeownership, the dream has become a nightmare but you have the power to change the story. According to the Rentcafe’s decade report, the renter population has become more than 100 million strong after a decade of sustained growth, as the number of American renters reached 108.5 million in 2018, up from 99.4 million in 2010.


Although the percentage of renters in the general population has fluctuated throughout the years, Rentcafé says its growth has been consistent since the beginning of the millennium. In fact, the company claims there are 74% more renters today than there were in 1960, with their numbers growing by 46 million since that time period.

 “While the recession pushed many to rent out of necessity, the economic expansion which followed, coupled with changing attitudes towards family and homeownership, lead to the rise of the renter by choice,” Rentcafé writes. “Rentership rates expanded across the board—from young families to seniors, from city cores to suburbs, many Americans have shifted away from homeownership.”