Georgia Loyal Listener Drive

Congratulations on becoming a YHOP influencer or a YHOP loyal listener, you officially being  welcome to the YHOPPER family. As a member of the YHOPPER family you qualify to participate in special projects, movements and get YHOPPED. Getting YHOPPED is when you get money dropped on your $ CASH APP. So if you need an opportunity to be  YHOPPED before and  after Christmas  the Georgia Loyal Listener Drive is it.

YHOP will pay out the following before Christmas:

  • $100.00 during each hour for the 1st YHOPPER to get 10 new verified loyal listeners 

  • $300.00 for the YHOPPER  who gets the most new verified loyal listeners during each hour 

  • $200.00 for the YHOPPER who gets the 2nd most new verified loyal listeners during each hour 

  • $100.00 for the YHOPPER  who gets the 3rd most new verified loyal listeners during each hour 

  • $500.00 for the YHOPPER who gets the most  new verified loyal listeners over the 6 hours

Step 1

  • Signup a minimum of 10 new listeners during the hour current of  the 6 hour drive to qualify to be YHOPPED

Step 2 

  • Have each one of  the new loyal listeners that signs up because of you , to put your number when it ask for the YHOPPER phone number that referred you. 

Step 3 

  • Have them text you when they have signed up.

Step 4 

  • You will text all the phone numbers to the money  202-907-5187 after each hour. 

Step 5 

  • Get as many people you can because that is the purpose of the drive and provides you the greatest chance of getting YHOPPED. 


Six Hours of You Got YHOPPED 


Hour 1    6pm 

Hour 2   9pm



Hour 3    6pm 

Hour 4    9pm 


Hour 5    6pm 

Hour 6    9pm 

YHOP will payout the following after Christmas:


Blanket Georgia expands YHOP to all 159 counties and adds a minimum of 100 loyal listeners in each county. Based on their individual productivity in the loyal listener drive 159 YHOPPERS will be given a RARE CODE to participate in Blanket Georgia. Participating in Blanket Georgia has the following benefits: 

1. A chance to earn a  $100 CASH APP PAYMENT for 50 days Starting Jan 1st, 2021 and Ending Feb 18th, 2021.

2. Qualify for opportunity to be YHOPPER OF THE YEAR and receive $100.00 a day for 1 year (365 Days)

Rules and Regulations

1.  Fake or duplicate loyal listeners sign-ups will result in you being removed from YHOP. 

2. A new loyal listener is not counted until they are verified. 

3. Anyone that's creates division and /or drama will be removed from YHOP.